Sportland Performance Teas Now Available at New Seasons Markets

Portland, OR USA - April 2, 2015 - Sportland Tea Company--makers of The Runner’s Tea performance teas for athletes--announced today that it has launched its first line of Sportland loose-leaf performance teas, which are available in four New Seasons Markets in Oregon.

Sportland Teas, along with The Runner’s Tea, are organic, loose-leaf teas made to help active, health-conscious people of all kinds perform better. These unique teas utilize innovative blends of ingredients like matcha green tea, GABA oolong tea, turmeric, ginger, mint, and other herbs. The use of these ingredients makes Sportland Tea Company among the first to produce loose-leaf GABA oolong and matcha tea blends in the United States.

"New Seasons was an early supporter of our Runner's Tea and showed a great deal of interest in loose-leaf teas, especially matcha green tea. They are excited to be a pioneer in offering consumer-friendly matcha tea blends to their customers, because of their natural, healthful benefits for athletes and active people of all kinds,” Sportland Tea Company founder and CEO Brandon Schoessler said.

Oregon natural food retailer New Seasons Market is offering Sportland Teas in four Oregon locations: Progress Ridge, Nyberg Rivers, Seven Corners, and Grant Park. This makes them the first retailer to carry either the Sportland Tea or The Runner’s Tea products.

The company, founded in 2013 by Portland resident Brandon Schoessler, began with its Runner’s Tea brand of loose-leaf matcha tea blends for athletes. The Runner’s Tea has been marketed and sold online for over a year, and has gained a loyal following in the ultra running community.

“Judging by the enthusiasm we’ve experienced in the running community with The Runner’s Tea, we are excited to offer our Sportland Teas for the broader health-conscious and active community,” Schoessler said.

New Seasons Market is stocking four Sportland Teas: Ginger Berry Performance Blend, Citrus Mint Endurance Blend, Eastern Lime Recovery Blend (with GABA oolong tea), and Vanilla Mint Focus Blend, for cognitive enhancement. They are sold in 2 oz packages with an SRP of $12.99.

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