5 Tea Ingredients that Boost Metabolism and Aid Weight-loss

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Coming out of the winter gloom of the Pacific Northwest and into the welcome warmth of the summer sun, we have despairingly realized that our coping methods of beer and pizza over the last 8 months have made getting into our running shorts a little tricky. Luckily, we have a vast supply of weight-loss assisting tea blends at our fingertips to help the situation. Pretty much every blend we make contains some sort of metabolism boosting ingredient and a few cups a day to fuel our trail runs will get us right back to summer shape.

Here are the top 5 ingredients found in our tea blends that will help shed those winter pounds.

This is old news to anyone who is even semi-interested in metabolism boosting nutritional supplements. With green tea extract found in every type of weight loss pill, it should come as no surprise that matcha green tea also has incredible metabolism boosting properties. However, what you might not know is that matcha green tea can increase metabolism and fat burn in your body by as much as 40% more than regular green tea. You see the antioxidant catechins, EGCG’s, found in matcha green tea are thermogenic components that have been found to boost the metabolism and burn calories. For an added boost, drink matcha cold, as that requires your body to work harder and thus, burning even more calories. Our favorite summer pick-me-up is a cold brew of our Ginger Berry Performance Blend complete with matcha green tea. 

Yerba Mate
We recently wrote an article about the awesome-ness of Yerba Mate and even though we consider ourselves as close to tea experts as they come, the incredible benefits of Yerba Mate still surprised us. Multiple studies have been conducted with the tea and each one found that Yerba Mate is perhaps the most beneficial beverage one can consume. One of these benefits has to do with a component called mateine, which is similar to caffeine in that it provides an increase in energy without the negative side effects of caffeine. It also aids in increasing metabolism for longer periods of time and delays gastric emptying, which creates the feeling of being full after eating. If you’re looking for a good, clean source of energy with metabolism boosting properties, Yerba Mate is the perfect choice and can be found in our Focus Blend. 

GABA Oolong
This is the tea base found in our Recovery Blend. GABA Oolong is a type of Oolong tea where the tea leaves have been exposed to nitrogen. GABA stands for Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and is one of the main neurotransmitters for the CNS (Central Nervous System).  Included in the various health benefits of GABA Oolong tea is the high antioxidant content of the tea which help increase metabolism. The tea also has fat blocking and blood sugar regulating properties, which can aid weight loss if consumed regularly.

This new comer to the weight loss, performance enhancing scene has caused quite the stir. Found primarily in coconut oil, as well as a few other fats, MCT Oil has been shown to serve as an excellent energy source that burns rapidly while sparing glycogen stores. You can find MCT Oil in our delicious Matcha Spice Power Blend.

In our Love Letter to Cinnamon, we counted the ways in which Cinnamon is one of the most powerful and beneficial spices on the planet. One of those ways is the fact that cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar and reduces cravings for sugar. You’ll find this flavor enhancing and delicious, without being sweet, spice in our Matcha Spice Power, Ginger Berry Performance, and Early Riser Adventure Club Blends.

With a little help of our various tea blends, we see a little light at the end of this chubby tunnel.

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