Love Letter to Cinnamon

Oh Cinnamon, how we love thee, let us count the ways. From mexican hot chocolate to bear claws and cinnamon-sugar toast, you just make life better. And you make our Matcha Spice Power, Ginger Berry Performance, and Wake Yo' Self Blends taste awesome.

But Cinnamon isn’t just a playful stripper name, it is also an incredibly beneficial spice. In fact, in recent studies of the most popular herbs and spices, cinnamon ranked first for its antioxidant properties and is considered one of the most powerful medicinal spices on the planet. The list of its benefits is as long as mile 22 in a marathon and it also provides a natural sweetening effect without any sugar.

While we could spend the rest of our lives waxing poetic about the amazing properties of Cinnamon, we’ll offer at least a taste of why we think cinnamon is our spicey-soulmate.

Controls Blood Sugar
Certain compounds in Cinnamon stimulate insulin receptors and inhibit an enzyme that inactivates them, improving the cells’ ability to use glucose. Regularly consuming less than one-half teaspoon per day reduces blood sugar levels in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. So, sprinkle that shit on everything.

Boosts Brain Function
Cinnamon has been shown to greatly improve mental alertness. The fragrance can enhance cognitive processing and greatly improve brain functioning related to attention, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor speed.

Protects Against Heart Disease
Due to its various anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon is very effective in safeguarding the heart and surrounding arteries from damage and infection. Cinnamon helps fight the ‘bad’ cholesterol, significantly lowering total cholesterol levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help heal inflammation in internal tissues and reduce the risk of heart attacks and disease. This is one of the many reasons we heart you, Cinnamon.

Improves Blood Circulation
Cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin that has blood thinning properties. This helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, which can certainly help those early morning runs in the Northwest winter.

When it comes to Cinnamon, we’re right there with you, Neil Young. Life is better with a Cinnamon girl.

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