Special Feature Sportland Athlete Story - There's a First Time for Everything

We recently caught up with Lisa Boomer, one of our Sportland Athletes, about her first Crossfit Competition and Open. She happily provided a candid view of what it's like to be a first time competitor in these intimidating events. Here is her story.

My nerves and excitement were so intense before my first comp that, literally, Sportland Tea was the only thing fueling me for several hours. Getting up at 4:15 AM sucked, but knowing that a hot Matcha Spice Power Blend was waiting for me made it (sorta) manageable.

The event was a 4 person team comp. The 3 other members of my team are competition veterans, so they guided me through the entire day. I now know, your team is only as strong as your "weakest" member and only as fast as your "slowest." These poor folks were stuck at my pace ALL DAY. We ended up in dead last place. But, you know what? WE DID IT. I DID IT. What a sense of accomplishment! Not sure I ever want to do it again... It was tough. But, I am so dang proud of it, because it means I showed up and did the work required. I certainly gave it my best and I now know I am capable of throwing a sand filled fire hose over my head for no good reason other than #fitness.

The Focus Blend was my go-to beverage before my Crossfit Open workouts. The Open was different for me... My regular mindset when headed into the gym is one of curious play — I expect to do my best, nothing less, and pair this with a lot of self compassion and understand that this output will vary day-to-day. I am always looking for the FUN in the SUCK. The Crossfit Open is a 5 week long world-wide workout competition. Walking into the gym once a week with the hype of competing against others was really challenging on my mind and spirit. It was a great way to beat myself up or trip into the negative head space of leader-boarding. Fortunately, my fave of all morning rituals is my cup of tea on the patio — rain or shine.

THANK YOU to Sportland for helping me find my Focus every morning, even when I was anxious about what the day was to hold and even if I tripped into negative head space, I was able to start each and every day grounded in ritual and focus.

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