Tea Infuser Set with 2 Tea Bag Style Stainless Steel Tea Strainers by Cucina Comfort for a Superior Loose Leaf Tea Experience Includes 2 Single Cup Infusers 1 Tea Scoop with Bag Clip 1 Cleaning Brush

Brand: Cucina Comfort

Color: Cinnamon and Orange


  • EASY TO USE: This Loose Tea Steeper is simple - pull the silicone bottom out and fill with your favorite tea
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Open the Silicone Plug in the Bottom and dump out old tea. We included a bottle brush for getting all the tea out.
  • FUN & CUTE: Your friends will enjoy trying new tea blends with these strainers
  • WORKS WITH MOST LOOSE LEAF TEA: Cucina Comfort tea strainer works well with most leaf teas including green tea and some finer herbal teas. Reduces floaties and tea debris in your mug and unwanted leaves floating in your cup. No need to filter your tea. Works perfectly with both iced and hot tea.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We provide a warranty for the life of the steeper tea set


Cucina Comfort 6 Piece Tea Infuser Set

Two Tea Bag-Shaped Tea Strainers with drip trays, one Scoop and one Cleaning Brush

These tea infusers are designed for ease of use and convenience. They work well in any cup! Also designed with a long enough handle to function in tall cups, too.

The tea bags are easy to fill, easy to use, and easy to clean. Cleaning is made even simpler with to the bristle cleaning brush included in our package. Wet tea comes out easily! We offer a unique design and extra accessories to complete your tea enjoyment.

We stand behind our products with a full LIFETIME guarantee. We want you to be happy!

For as long as you own this product, we will give your money back, no questions. Simply register on our website and kick back.
Thousands of drinkers enjoy loose leaf tea and this set is ideal for you and a friend. This set works better than other tea strainers & filters stainless steel. Many others have parts that break, ours is unbreakable!

With a Lifetime Guarantee, You Have Nothing To Lose; So Scroll Up To The Top, Click "Add to Cart" and Get Your Tea Set To Your Door In 2 Days!


Our tea has nearly 300% more antioxidants than most green teas. Even more than blueberries, spinach, and pomegranates!


Made from all-natural, organic, and always 100% gluten free ingredients.


Contains organic matcha green tea which is high in L-theanine for brain health and mental alertness. Great for your body and your brain!


Custom blends of tea, herbs, and spices that help stimulate thermogenesis and burn fat for energy.


All-natural ingredients, custom blended with ginger for it’s ability act as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.


Packed with herbs that help boost your athletic performance, and with it's custom blend it's also a mood enhancer. Look good, feel good!

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