Teabloom Large Double Wall Tea Cup with Infuser and Lid / Coaster (Green) - 430ml/15oz

Brand: Teabloom

Color: Green


  • Teabloom Venice personal tea maker is the perfect glass infuser tea cup for making your steeped tea. The double-walled glass cup is made from borosilicate, heat-resistant glass, includes an 18-8 stainless steel infuser and glass cover. The cover is perfect for keeping your tea warm and also doubles as a holder for your infuser when your tea is done steeping. The Venice brewing mug is perfect for all loose leaf teas.
  • This Green Infuser Tea Mug allows you to brew multiple (2-3) cups of tea with the same loose leaf tea - get more from less!
  • The Venice Personal Tea Maker has an 18-8 Stainless steel infuser that will not rust. The Venice Infuser tea mug is made from resistant heat borosilicate glass that is lightweight yet strong.
  • This Tea Cup Infuser works with loose leaf tea for infusion, tea bags, fruit infusion in water, and even coarse ground coffee to make Cold brew Coffee overnight.
  • Teabloom specializes in high quality teaware products, learn more by visiting the Teabloom website. The sale of this product will help provide safe water to people in need in communities around the world that don't have it. One year warranty - satisfaction guaranteed!

Details: The Venice Double Wall Tea Mug is more than just a tea cup. It is your personal tea maker. You'll be able to make a delicious cup of tea in no time, with little effort and even less mess. Just fill the stainless steel infuser with loose tea leaves and pour in boiling water. Cover with the colorful lid and get ready to taste home-brewed tea right from your very own mug. Let the leaves steep to your desired strength, pull out the infuser, and enjoy. It really is that easy. It's also as beautiful as it is functional. While the transparent, light-weight clear mug looks delicate, its appearance is quite deceiving. It is made of borosilicate lead-free hand-blown glass which is durable and resistant to thermal shock. This BPA-Free glass can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 °F to 302 °F. The large capacity 15 oz. mug includes a stainless steel infuser and glass lid wrapped in a colorful silicone band. The silicone acts as a dual seal and keeps tea warm inside while keeping the glass edges cool for easy lid removal and sipping. The lid also doubles as a trivet to hold the tea infuser when you remove it from your mug. Teabloom's Venice Personal Tea Maker is stove-top safe, dishwasher safe and resistant to chemical corrosion. Another great feature is the ability to enjoy several cups of tea from the infuser-filled tea leaves. Simply reinsert the infuser into the empty mug and pour hot water over it again. The tea leaves can be brewed for 2 more fresh tasting cups. This Venice Tea Mug has the Green Silicone Glass Cover/Coaster.


Our tea has nearly 300% more antioxidants than most green teas. Even more than blueberries, spinach, and pomegranates!


Made from all-natural, organic, and always 100% gluten free ingredients.


Contains organic matcha green tea which is high in L-theanine for brain health and mental alertness. Great for your body and your brain!


Custom blends of tea, herbs, and spices that help stimulate thermogenesis and burn fat for energy.


All-natural ingredients, custom blended with ginger for it’s ability act as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.


Packed with herbs that help boost your athletic performance, and with it's custom blend it's also a mood enhancer. Look good, feel good!

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