We love our tea, and we take great care in crafting blends and making them perfect. But after all that effort, the secret is really in the brewing.

Brewing Instructions for one 8oz cup of tea (most blends*):

  • Heat water to 170-180 degrees.
  • Place approx. 2 teaspoons of tea blend in tea infuser of your choice, then place in heat-proof cup.
  • Pour 8 oz. of hot water over infuser, then give the infuser a swirl around the cup.
  • Let steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on desired strength of brew.
  • Give the infuser another swirl around the cup, and then remove and dispose of the spent tea and herbs.
  • Drink and enjoy!

* see individual packaging for specific blend brewing temperatures.


Alternate brewing option for one 8oz cup of endurance blend tea:

Brew a cup of tea with the above performance method, then take the resulting brew and pour it over a glass of ice to cool it down rapidly. Why? Studies show that drinking a cold beverage 15 – 30 minutes before a workout helps increase endurance and combat muscle fatigue. And even though the cayenne heat is less pronounced than when the tea is consumed hot, you’re still getting the thermogenic benefits.