Sportland Athletes

Sportland Tea is proud to have a team of sponsored athletes and ambassadors who are passionate about being active and fueling their bodies with clean energy.

Sponsored Athlete - Meghan Kennihan

Meghan is a USA Track & Field coach and a RRCA (Road Runners of America) certified distance coach. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a level 3 USA Cycling Coach. She has over 12 years of experience teaching spin classes, weight-lifting, and group exercise. Meghan is also an experienced runner, ultrarunner, and triathlete competing, winning, and placing in 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, marathons, ultra distances, and triathlons. She also holds multiple Illinois state Powerlifting records. Meghan is passionate about helping others enjoy running, fitness, and health as much as she does. She strives to bring out the best in everyone she works with.



Sponsored Athlete - Devin Featherstone

Devin Featherstone balances life as a Calgary firefighter and exploring the great outdoors. His main sport is competing in ultra marathons which has lead him to many outdoor activities such as back country skiing and biking. He has completed races literally around the world and always been drawn to sport and the outdoors. His passion for sport has lead him to share his experiences with others through Sharp Conditioning. Devin and his wife Elise have a 11 month old son named Kai and continue to pursue an outdoor lifestyle. There main goal is to live simple, explore our backyard, and show Kai all its beauty. Devin and Elise want to be an inspiration to other parents proving that you can continue to explore and continue your own.



Ambassador - Lisa Boomer

Lisa Boomer is a professional travel/adventure photographer and when she’s not wandering the country capturing the beauty of it, she’s an avid Crossfit trainer and competitor. She began her Crossfit journey almost three years ago and is still in love with olympic weightlifting and the gymnastics skill work, as well as the tight-knit, supportive community. Lisa is also a hiker and trail runner, and is a firm believer that discipline is a choice, growth is born of failure and even the humble can hustle. In April 2017 she will enter her first Crossfit competition, as well as participating in the Crossfit Open in February/March. Her current program is an RP Strength cut in preparation for the Open (cutting body fat, maintaining muscle strength). She is also the proud dog mama to the world’s greatest pooches (totally biased of course).


Ambassador - Hyla Ridenour

A Pacific Northwest girl at heart, currently calling Southern California home, Hyla has a huge passion for holistic nutrition which helps fuel her inner athlete. After an overuse injury in early 2017, while training for her tenth marathon, Hyla sought out cross-training to create more balance and strength. She walked into a Crossfit gym on June 13, 2017, and was immediately hooked. While she still enjoys an occasional run, the new challenges she faces participating in Crossfit have given her a new appreciation for fitness and what her body is capable of. Hyla loves experimenting in the kitchen and is always on the hunt for ways to improve the quality of her diet to enhance performance and recovery. When she’s not training, working as a freelance writer or writing her novel, she enjoys crafting up healthy meals, spending time outdoors hiking, backpacking and camping, traveling, spending time with her family, reading, and napping.



Ambassador - Brad Zinnecker

Bradford Zinnecker is a trail and ultrarunner, having recently relocated to Western New York State with his wife and 6 kids! In addition to actively running and racing in various distances on the trails, Brad also spends time on his running blog,, is a race director, and a former running club leader. Brad loves making his running count and over the years has raised significant funds to help a variety of charities here in the United States and in Africa.


Ambassador - Anthony Bucci aka The Beerded Runner

Hi - I'm The Beerded Runner and I love to pray, run, drink beer and grow my beard out! I love to run and explore trails from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. I would like to share some dreams and aspirations. An aspiration is to reach the 100 mile Ultramarathon distance within 30 hours. I dream to inspire others to get out and be active in any way shape or form. A motto of mine is that every mile is a challenge and accomplishment, and should be rewarded with beer, no matter how long it takes you, because in fact the more you're out there the more power to you.


Ambassador - Ashley Peters

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Peters and I am not an ultra amazing athlete, however I am a busy mom to 4, I'm married to an amazing man, I work in the medical field and I’m a health and fitness instructor. I love challenges, helping others reach their fitness goals and trying new things and I firmly believe that everyone has a second chance at a healthy life regardless of the situation. I love getting in a good sweat, rocking out to good music and a GOOD glass of wine.