Endurance Power Pack — Goodr Sunglasses + Hemp Instant Mix Tea

This limited-edition pack combines a freshly blasted pair of goodr running glasses with our instant mix athletic performance support hemp extract tea.

The glasses feature a special no-slip, no-bounce, all-awesome coating that keeps 'em on your face while you're doing your thing. Polarized and stylish, you'll look good and see goodr while you kick your workout straight in the buns.

Sportland's workout tea contains the ideal mix of ceremonial-grade Matcha and 20mg of water-soluble hemp oil powder, optimized for endurance with 50mg of caffeine per serving.

Throw these sweet shades on your face, mix the tea into your water bottle, and push the limits of your limits!

  • Organic
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • With a higher caffeine content than most regular green teas, matcha has more antioxidants than blueberries, spinach, and pomegranates! Your body is able to absorb a much higher potency of catechins, and polyphenols with matcha…which, translated into English means that your body is able to more efficiently use its energy resources when called upon in athletic performance.

    The shades, of course, are sweet as hell and shimmer in the sunlight like a grassy green explosion on a sunlit hillside that you now have the energy to summit.

    Hemp extract is an effective pain killer proven to reduce or prevent inflammation, nausea, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, and helps to aid athletic performance and recovery by interacting with a receptor known as TRPV-1 that affects pain perception, and inflammation.

    Flavor notes:

    We use very high-quality matcha in our products, and you will be able to taste that from the first sip. There's no room to hide when it's just matcha and a couple of other ingredients. Clean, grassy notes come through up front and then a subtle resolve of the CBD terpenes...a little hint of pine and citrus.

    Our hemp is a full spectrum powder.


    Our tea has nearly 300% more antioxidants than most green teas. Even more than blueberries, spinach, and pomegranates!


    Made from all-natural, organic, and always 100% gluten free ingredients.


    Contains organic matcha green tea which is high in L-theanine for brain health and mental alertness. Great for your body and your brain!


    Custom blends of tea, herbs, and spices that help stimulate thermogenesis and burn fat for energy.


    All-natural ingredients, custom blended with ginger for it’s ability act as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.


    Packed with herbs that help boost your athletic performance, and with it's custom blend it's also a mood enhancer. Look good, feel good!