POUR OVER Coffee Kettle and Tea Kettle with Built-in THERMOMETER 1L - Ovalware RJ3 Stainless Steel Drip Kettle with Precision Gooseneck Spout for Home Brewing, Camping and Traveling

Brand: ovalware

Color: Black, Stainless Steel, Silver


  • ➤ PRECISION GOOSENECK SPOUT - Pour at exactly the right speed, temperature, and amount. Control every step of the process. Pull the full range of flavors from the ground with consistent and even extraction
  • ➤ BUILT-IN THERMOMETER AND ERGONOMIC HANDLE - Built-in thermometer and fiber reinforced, heat-resistant handle mean beauty and brains.
  • ➤ EASIER TO CLEAN, FASTER TO DRY - Unlike most coffee & tea kettles, the RJ3 Drip Coffee Kettle is built with an easy-to-clean seamless bottom that dries fast. Our mold-free-guarantee means no surprise flavors for you!
  • ➤ GAS, ELECTRIC & INDUCTION-STOVE TOPS COMPATIBLE - The modern, simple and elegant stainless steel 304 (18/8) body complements any kitchen counter or top. Volume: 1.0L / 34oz
  • ➤ WE WANT YOU! TO BE HAPPY - Choose OVALWARE if you care about quality and customer service. We have great confidence in the quality of our products, and we have the best customer service here on Amazon - which is why we are offering you a Risk-Free purchase. In the unlikely event our product fails to meet or exceed your expectations, you may return our product within 90 DAYS post-purchase to receive a FULL refund.

Warranty: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Warranty for 30 days from date of purchase.

Details: From A Serious Coffee Company
Ovalware is a third wave coffee equipment company and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering a quality brewing and tasting experience.
We are on a quest to bring out the best in every bean.

Embrace Your Internal Coffee Snob With The RJ3 Drip Kettle.
Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, and with the RJ3 Drip Kettle you can prepare your own coffee better than ever. The RJ3 means no more drinking coffee from the bottom of the pot in the break room, trying to ignore the loose grounds at the bottom and the burnt charcoal taste. It means enjoying the full, rich flavors that each coffee bean has locked inside. Are you ready to drink real coffee?

Pour Over = Precision Control
Control every inch of your morning coffee ritual with the RJ3 Pour Over Coffee Kettle. It's designed with all levels of coffee enthusiasts in mind, from the pour over newbies to seasoned coffeeholics.
➤ Convenient lid openings allow for accurate temperature readings via thermometer.
➤ A graceful gooseneck spout will allow you to pour smoothly and evenly from beginning to end.
➤ A seamless interior construction makes for easy draining and cleaning, morning after morning.
➤ RJ3's sleek, seamless one piece body is sure to have your friends and loved ones asking where you found it.

First Time? Don't Be Nervous
You can return the RJ3 Drip Kettle for a full refund at any point in the first 30 days after you order it. Never bought a pour over kettle before? Worried that it's going to go in the drawer and never see daylight again? Our return policy makes this an absolutely risk-free purchase for you.

It's Time To Make The Leap
Whether you're just trying to make a perfect cup of coffee or looking for a new, durable pour over coffee kettle that will last for years, it's time to make the leap. Order your RJ3 Drip Kettle today!


Our tea has nearly 300% more antioxidants than most green teas. Even more than blueberries, spinach, and pomegranates!


Made from all-natural, organic, and always 100% gluten free ingredients.


Contains organic matcha green tea which is high in L-theanine for brain health and mental alertness. Great for your body and your brain!


Custom blends of tea, herbs, and spices that help stimulate thermogenesis and burn fat for energy.


All-natural ingredients, custom blended with ginger for it’s ability act as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.


Packed with herbs that help boost your athletic performance, and with it's custom blend it's also a mood enhancer. Look good, feel good!

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